Sekuritance Opens Registration for $SKRT “SwapDrop” to the TrustSwap Community

Sekuritance Opens Registration for $SKRT “SwapDrop” to the TrustSwap Community

Eligible $SWAP stakers can now register for the Sekuritance “SwapDrop” to get an airdrop of $SKRT tokens.

Sekuritance, the team behind a suite of RegTech & RiskTech DeFi solutions, recently launched their $SKRT token on the TrustSwap Launchpad. As part of their ongoing partnership with TrustSwap, the Sekuritance team is airdropping $SKRT tokens to the Top 1000 SwapScores at the time of the launch (snapshot taken May 8th, 2021 at 9AM PST).

This amounts to a 4,091 $SKRT “SwapDrop” which will be distributed to each eligible wallet that successfully registers with Sekuritance before the deadline of July 31st, 2021 at 9AM PST.


Eligibility is based on "SwapScore", a 60-day moving average of total $SWAP staked in the primary staking portal. If your wallet had a SwapScore over 10,112 when the snapshot was taken on May 8th, 2021 at 9AM, you were in the Top 1000 and will have an opportunity to receive the $SKRT SwapDrop.

You can confirm your eligibility be searching for your ETH address in the list here. If your address is not listed, you are not eligible for this SwapDrop event.

If your address is listed, read on for instructions to register and claim your $SKRT tokens:

  1. Eligible wallets have received a private message via the TrustSwap Dashboard Mail portal. If you had a SwapScore over 10,112 when the snapshot was taken on May 8th, 2021 at 9AM, you can view this message at my logging in with your Web3 wallet (ie. MetaMask). Be sure to connect with the eligible ETH wallet address (the one with the top SwapScore).  
  2. If you did get the message, follow the link within which will take you to a registration form. In order to claim your tokens, you will need to complete the Sekuritance registration process and pass KYC. Anyone not domiciled in the USA or UN sanctioned countries can participate in the Sekuritance SwapDrop. Be sure to register the same ETH address that has the top SwapScore. If you have any questions or issues signing up, please reach out to the Sekuritance team in their Official Telegram room or via email at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist.
  3. Registration will remain open for 1 week to ensure that everyone who is eligible has time to complete the registration process. On July 31st, 2021 at 9AM PST, registration for the $SKRT SwapDrop will close.
  4. The Sekuritance team will airdrop 4,091 $SKRT to each eligible wallet that successfully registers before the deadline.

Bonus: KYC Registration Counts For Future Launchpads!

Once you have registered with Sekuritance, your KYC data will be kept securely and remains valid for 90 days. This means you will not need to re-register or submit KYC documents for other TrustSwap launchpads during that time.

$SKRT Token

$SKRT is the access token to the Sekuritance ecosystem which provides technology and services focused on offering fully compliant and secure access to DeFi for institutional and retail investors.

The Sekuritance team recently announced that, as of August 1st 2021, holders of $SKRT will benefit from the following:

  • Premium access to onboarding with a shortened process
  • ETH address verification where $SKRT is stored
  • Sekuritance Verification Certificate download
  • Enrollment in beta program for new features
  • VIP access to our premium support plan
  • Access to the all new Sekuritance User Interface (Coming soon!)

Check out to explore the Sekuritance platform featuring many powerful tools to enhance compliance and security in the blockchain space. Be sure to join their Telegram groups as well for regular updates from the team.