One hour before TrustSwap Anniversary Opening – Time to Announce the Giveaways

One hour before TrustSwap Anniversary Opening –  Time to Announce the Giveaways

Less than 1 hour left until TrustSwap’s grand anniversary celebration in Decentraland. Are you excited? We are!

There will be something for everybody. With so many goodies and giveaways lined up for our guests we thought it may be a good idea to provide a bit of clarity on what prizes will be available during the event and how to claim them.

- 1,000 POAPs – “Proof of Attendance Protocol” (POAP) NFT badges. Some people’s life mission is to collect as many of those free badges as possible. This is TrustSwap’s genesis POAP edition. The first 1,000 attendees to claim this commemorative NFT during the TrustSwap HQ Grand Opening event will get one. Claim your POAP on the 9th of July at the POAP booth inside our building.

- 5,000 TrustSwap caps. We’ve seen them and they look cool. Make sure you claim yours inside the TrustSwap HQ building on the event day. Note: Claims are not instant, but during the day we will execute several cap airdrops to your avatar’s backpack. What can you do with Decentraland Cap wearables? Be fashionable and have your avatar wear the cap, collect wearables, or sell them on an NFT platform.

- 500 TrustSwap hoodies. This limited edition hoodie is reserved for the top 500 SWAP stakers (by staked SWAP, not SwapScore) and they will be automatically airdropped to your avatar’s backpack after the rooftop event. Collect or sell on an NFT platform!

- Token Airdrop Lottery tickets. Get ready for a total of $7,000 in token airdrops, courtesy to our launchpad partners. The lottery draw date is Monday the 12th of July, through our transparent blockchain lottery system we also use for the Flashlaunches. The last four wallet digits of the 12 winners will be mentioned in our event recap blog post. How to enter? To avoid cheating, we will announce all the eligible participants later. But for sure our Top 2000 Stakers will be included! (Snapshot on Sunday 11th)

Find below our lottery giveaway airdrops for the winning addresses:

Finally, an afterparty Giveaway. Our Launchpad partner, DCTDAO, will host a separate event to celebrate our big milestone. Their giveaway will be announced soon.

TrustSwap Decentraland Wearables (NFTs)

Event location:

The event program

14:45 (UTC) — Doors open

15:00 (UTC) — Official opening by Jeff Kirdeikis, CEO of TrustSwap

15:15 (UTC) — Message by Ivan Anastassov, COO of TrustSwap

15:22 (UTC) — Message by Ivan Reif, CTO of TrustSwap

15:30 (UTC) — Virtual space walkthrough, claim your TrustSwap goodies (TrustSwap cap, POAP badge) and launchpad token giveaways.

15:45 (UTC) — A rooftop dance party. Show off your moves!

16:45 (UTC) — Await your TrustSwap hoodie if you are among the Top 500 SWAP stakers


Please click here to RSVP for the event. Keep an eye on our Twitter as more details will be provided.

Our virtual headquarters in Decentraland is getting final touches now in preparation for the Grand Opening. We are all looking forward to meeting you there!